Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh My!

Well, here we are again, it's Saturday.  So far I've been up to the laundromat and got the clothes done.  Trying to decide what to do next.

I have been sitting here trying to think of something, witty, wise, important and all that other good stuff.  Can't come up with a thing.  I don't know where the people who do this everyday get their inspiration, but in a way I am jealous of it.

I do have a little piece of advice.  It concerns grandchildren and grandparents.  As grandparents we are probably overlooked more often as "oh they will always be there".  We won't.  By the time you parents decide that maybe, just maybe, it is time to visit so we can see the grandkids, we will either be dead, comatose, or have moved and no one noticed.

I know that the phone lines work both ways, but unless it is something really important, I tend to stay away from the phone.  I just don't enjoy talking on it.  No matter how you feel towards your own parents, it you have young children, don't make them wonder what happened that they don't get to see a certain set of grandparents.  If you have a problem with something we are doing, or not doing, be a grown up and bring it up to us personally.

Grandparents and grandchildren have a special, wonderful, one of a kind bond that no parent will ever truly understand.  We are always there for them, we never judge them, we always have time to listen.  We very rarely ever take sides, we will however give advise and support when it is needed.  Other than that, the grandchildren will always know how much we care, love and miss them.

Sometimes it is easier to express that love and caring to grandchildren than it was to your own children.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Babies babies, babies

Lily is going to have a little sister, Miss Claire.  She will be born before Christmas and will be a very welcome addition to our family.

Today is our 28th Anniversary and here I sit on the computer and Arlen is sleeping on the couch.  Already today I have gotten laundry done (had to go to the laundromat), got grocery shopping done and groceries put away, am planning on taking out garbage and re-arranging the living room.  Going to make a ham and potato meal for supper.  YUMMY!

When I was at the grocery store (reading labels) I found a couple of Quaker Oat granola bars that I can eat, if my blood sugar is down low enough.  If I keep moving and getting in some mild exercise, it goes down far enough that I need to eat.  How great is that?!  Of course, it now takes me twice as long at the grocery store.  Have to read all the labels for Total Carbs, Total Sugars, Cholesterol, Dietary Fiber and all that good stuff.  I am hoping that eventually I will know what I can and can't have.

My Dr. app't on Thursday went really well.  If I can get my blood sugars in a stable range, by September I may not have to take the medication for it at all.  Will control it with diet and exercise.  She still wants me to love at least another 30 pounds.  Not sure where exactly it is supposed to come from, but should be fun to go shopping for clothes.  I already fit into a 13/14 pant, haven't been able to do that for at least 20+ years.  I'm not spending much on pants and what nots.  There is a thrift shop here in town that I can get jeans for $1 a piece.  So until my weight levels off, that is where I will be shopping.  Not sure what size top to get, all the ones that I have are way to big.  The funny thing with tops is, no matter what size you think you are, when you go to try them on, there will always be some place on your body where they don't fit like you hope they will.  Men don't know how lucky they are.  As long as their shirts close over their bellies, they're good.  Women on the other hand have to not only think about the belly, but the boobs and shoulders, not to mention the length.

I just found out that a friend of mine lost her mother recently.I know that the last time I talked to Barb, she said that her mom wasn't doing so great.  Whether you expect it or it comes as a complete surprise, you are never quite as ready as you think you are.  All we can do is be there when some one needs us, either to sob or to vent.  Either way you need to listen and not give any advise or be saying things like "I know exactly how you feel".  We don't know how that person is feeling, everyone experiences lost and grief differently,  so just be a friendly ear to listen and a large shoulder to cry on.  It is all that is expected of you.  Please don't do the one thing that irritates me the most, do not offer to do anything, unless you really mean it and are willing to do anything they ask of you.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My day off

Well, this day is starting out to be really sucky.  A day off and here I sit at 4:30 in the morning, unable to sleep.  Of course if it would cool off outside it would help a lot.

I keep seeing people driving by, and I wonder what they were doing, where they are going and why they are doing it on a Sunday morning.

I have all these free downloads from the MN Lottery.  Went to their site, but didn't see any of the music that I enjoy.  Will have to get the Christmas stuff, and then try to figure out how to get it on my ipod from my computer.  Yes I am very computer stupid when it comes to things like that.  Maybe it is just because I don't like to think any more than necessary.

All of the storms missed us last night.  Maybe there is some truth to the whole Indian Blessing for this town.  Seems like whenever severe weather happens, you can watch it split and go north and south of us, but never straight at us.  Weird.  Not that I am complaining, I would rather it be that way then the other.  I am not a big fan of bad weather.  I know that a lot of people enjoy the storms, but not me.  Give me good weather any day of the week or year for that matter.

I really have nothing important or pertinent to say at this time, so will let you go.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Been a long time

I realize that I need to be more diligent about this blog.  The only problem is this, by the time I get home from work and watch a little TV, get a little bit of stuff done around here, it is time to go to bed.  Bedtime for me is usually around 7 PM.  I get up at 3 AM, so you see how this could affect my time spent on the computer.

The only thing that I do on this darn machine anymore is pay bills.

We found out yesterday that Adam & Miranda are having another girl.  How exciting!  She will be born the beginning of December, should be lots of fun at Christmas.  i already asked Miranda if she wanted to have Christmas at their place this year.  I figured that with a new born and a 2 year old, it would make more sense for the rest of us to travel then for them.

Work is going good so far.  I get tired very easily, but that could be due to age.  It isn't a lot of fun trying to find time to take my blood glucose, but it has to be done.  That as well is going good.  Don't have very many days when it is over 105, I love it when it gets down to 80 or 90, that means that I can cheat a little bit.  Been eating so much fruit lately that I feel like a salad!

We have to get the new tabs for both of our vehicles.  What a pain in the you know what.  Why can't they do it like they do for driver's license's?  Wouldn't that make more sense?  Renew your license and your tabs at the same time and place!

We had Lily last weekend, that explains why nothing got posted here.  It is always so much fun to have her here.  We went shopping, and cleaned and played alot.  Found out that one of her favorite commercials is the one for Red Robin,  Yum.  She was playing hide and seek with Grandpa.  He was feeling really good this weekend and got to enjoy some time with her.  So far she still prefers Grandma over Grandpa.  Have to see what I can do to keep that going.

This weather is so miserable.  I hate sitting still and still sweating.  Minnesota, whatcha gonna do?

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm sitting here trying to think of something witty and wise to write about.  Nothing.  My life has settled into a very dull routine.  Get up, go to work, come home, work some more, go to bed, repeat.

I think I have a pretty good handle on this whole diabetes thing.  My blood glucose has been staying down where it is considered normal, even after eating a meal.  I still have an appointment with the nutrionist, but I guess that is a good thing.  Except for the whole "you really need to watch what you eat and exercise more".
Why is it that most of the time these people who are the so called experts, have never experienced any thing more than a hang nail?

Well, it's the 4th of July weekend and we have no plans what-so-ever.  Nothing wrong with that, but everybody expects you to be doing something.  I am, I'm relaxing at home.  If you don't like that answer, tough, it's the only one I have.

Gotta go.