Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm really bad at keeping up with this.  This year for some reason is especially hard. 

I usually get really depressed around Christams, but the holiday blues have descended early this time.  We were supposed to go to my Mom's orignally for Thanksgiving, that didn't work out, then we were going to Miranda's, needless to say with the weather forcast the way it was, we didn't make it there either.

I had picked up a turkey just so that when we got home we could cook it up and have leftovers, well we had the leftovers, and they were just as good as I had anticipated.  So much for that holiday.

I have also been feeling very disconnected from my family lately.  I realized that everyone is very busy and the phone works in both directions.  It seems like every time I call either one of the kids they are busy doing things with their in-laws or their other parent.  It probably doesn't help that we haven't had Lily for 2 months, but I do understand.  Miranda is pregnant and due at any time, I don't want her out on the roads.  I can't remember the last time we saw Brandon, but I believe it was right around 2 months ago.  I miss the little stinkers.  We don't get out and about very much because of Arlens health.

After his bout with blood clots in his legs, he has gone more and more down hill.  He now uses a walker or wheel chair to get around.  Makes it very hard to go any place.  We don't dare get caught out on the roads.  We do have road side assistance, but who knows how long that would take to reach us.

I love the job that I am doing now, however, the pay is kinda sucky and I just can't afford to spend what I would like on Christmas.  One of my greatest pleasures this time of year is getting things for everyone.  Yet this time I am unable to do so.  Debating whether to even put up any decorations as I know that no one will be here to see them, and I just don't feel like dealing with the cats getting into them.  That, and I know that I would have to do them all without any help.  Normally wouldn't bother me, this year it does.

I have also been fight a good case of pnuemonia again.  Last month it was bronchitis.  I know that the smoking doesn't help (yes, I quit for awhile and fell back wards) but I know plenty of people who smoke and don't have this many problems.  My doctor never seems to give me enough anti-biotics.  Only 7 days worth.  So I called up to have her re-prescribe them.  Hopefully another full week will be enough to knock it out once and for all.  I really am looking forward to feeling better.

I would like to get a jump on the Christmas baking, just can't decide what to make.  Rosettes for sure.  A lot of those will be going to work for the customers.  For without them I would not have a job!

Waiting anxiously for the arrival of little Claire, we all need some special magic this time of year and what is more magical than holding a new baby?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching up

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how fast you go, you will never be able to catch up?  Doesn't matter if it is with cleaning, shopping, getting in touch with family and friends, it just never happens.

There are times that I feel close, and then my time line turns a corner and loses me again.  So I go around the block looking for it, it must have ducked down an alley and jumped into a dumpster.  You think that maybe it is trying to avoid me being able to get caught up?  Can a time frame be that smart, or am I just so far behind that I can't see it?

For some odd reason I always get caught up at work, and usually have extra time for other things.  Once I get home, pfft, right down the block once again.  My mind is willing, my body not so much.  Couldn't be old age could it?

I know they (whoever they are) are always saying that you are only as old as you feel.  Is that body wise or brain wise?  Body wise I feel about 90, brain wise I don't feel much over 17.  You know young and stupid and not smart enough to know that at some time I won't be able to catch a break or catch up with anything.

Right now my only goal in life is to sleep for 8 hours straight (without having to go to the bathroom), have a clean house, a husband who actually helps out around the house, and be achy and pain free.  I don't think it is that much to ask.  Really very simple when you think about it. 

Simple doesn't seem to be a part of my life right now.  Someday it will be again.  Maybe when I get senile and can't remember that I never did get caught up.  Just think of the possible outcome,  not remembering that you have things to do, actually thinking that you have everything done and then having had time to do some more, and really, who is going to tell you different?  You won't remember it anyway!

So until that time comes (maybe it will catch up with me) I will just sit back, wave goodbye, and tell the time to kiss my ass.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time flies!

Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has been going lately.  Seems like just a few days ago it was the start of summer, now here we are into November all ready.  I find myself thinking a lot about the holidays.

I would like to go up to my mom's for Thanksgiving, but it all depends on the weather (stupid Minnesota).  More than likely we will end up staying home.  Miranda has invited us up to their place for the holiday, again all depends on the weather.  I guess I will just pick up a small turkey just in case.

Christmas is going to be difficult this year.  Every other year I have received a weekly pay check, this year I get one every two weeks.  Which is fine, except all the bills are pretty much due at the same time, good bye money.

I can't figure out what to do for the kids, or if I can afford to do anything.  The grand kids, now that is another story.  There is no way that I will not buy them stuff.  I will go hungry first before not buying them presents.  I have a good idea of what to get the Lily and the Brandon, but the Claire, maybe diapers or formula.  I know that they can use it.  Miranda has all of Lily's stuff, so not so much with the clothes.  Maybe  couple of warm sleepers.

I guess that in December, Arlen's sister Jan is planning on doing Christmas on the Penske side sometime around Doris' birthday.  There again it depends on the weather, as they live down in the Marshall, Redwood Falls area.  I really don't want' to get stuck there.  Still have a few problems with Arlen's younger brother.

As you can see, I still don't have much to say, no opinions on anything, no major problems (other than my spelling today), no difficult decisions to be made.  Very boring actually.

We do have to have the shingles replaced on our roof.  The wind storm last month caused most of them to end up on the ground.  Just waiting to find out what the final total of the claim will be and then can contact someone, hopefully before the snow starts flying.

Would be nice if Collin and Adam were able to do it.  Just the cost of the shingles then and a little bit for them for their time.  Oh well, that's why we have insurance.