Monday, May 16, 2011

Ho Hum

So I decided that I should probably write something.  Does that count?

Last Saturday, I had the sale open for about 3 hours.  Managed to make about $150.  Not bad considering it was wet, cold and breezy.  Not to mention fishing opener.  Closed up early.  Couldn't take the cold and when it started to rain, had to put eveything back inside, which meant there wasn't any room for people to move around.

This week, I will have it open Thursday and Friday from 2 - 6 and Saturday morning.  Have to close it down at noon as I have to get to Farmington for my daughter-in-laws graduation.  She is graduating with her MBA. so smart, and yet she married into this family.  Go figure.  Very proud of her.

The following weekend is my granddaughter Lily's 3rd birthday.  Where did those 3 years go?  She is having a princess party.  She got to pick the theme, the invites and everything.  Should be fun.

June I have absolutely nothing going on!  Winstock is the 9th and 10th, but other than that, zip.  My aunt and uncle from Vesta are coming up for it and more than likely will stop by.  Look forward to seeing them.  I am also thinking of renting the storage unit for 1 more month, depending on what all is left.  That way I could have it open during Winstock.  So far just a thought.

Work is the same.  We got a soft servc ice cream machine in on Friday.  What a pain that will be.  Same mix as DQ, so who knows, it may prove to be a good thing, or just another pain in my behind.

Next time I sit down to do this, I should have some pictures of the sale, before and after.  Wish me luck with getting rid of everything.

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