Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time for some changes

I have decided that my life needs some serious updating.  How, I don't have a clue.  I thought by finding a different job that would be a beginning.  Ooops, guessed wrong.  I am not happy where I am at now.

Don't get me wrong, it is probably a great job. Maybe just not for me.  I was told when I was hired to do the overnight shift that there would be 2 people on that shiff.  Guess what?  They forgot to hire some one else for it.  So now I am expected to do the work of 2 - 3 people by myself.  The other day I was told that the milk shelves can't be empty.  Really?  What is wrong with the previous shift (2-3 people) loading up the shelves.  If I go in the cooler I can't hear when the gas dinger goes off or if someone comes into the building.

Not only do I have to lug around 7-8 cases of bananas a night, check for outdates in the store, fill the fresh case with sandwiches, salads, etc, do the donuts (oh yeah, do them pretty?!), do all of the end of day restarts and reports plus wait on the customers.  Also am supposed to clean all the coffee makers, cappucino and fountain machines in my spare time.  Oh yeah, have to get the breakfast items going and get the case full, keep it full and help out on the registers at the same time.

I don't have a problem with working hard, but I woulod never expect one person to accomplish this by themselves.

It is bad enough that at home I don't have anyione to talk or vent to, let alone at night.  I should have said that I prefer the Hutch store and left it at that.  Some of the things (milk, for example) I was never told that it was my job to do.  Not once while being trained in.  Of course if you say something like that when they are pointing it out, it just comes off as an excuse.  If they want me to be alone at nighjt, leave me the hell alone when they get there, or start scheduling people to come in earlier so that I can get my jobs done!

Okay, I vented, I ranted, I raged, I still don't feel any better.  No offense guys, but it just isn't the same as having a person to talk to.  One last thing and then I'll let it go.  The one kid that I was working with talked to the Store Leader about staying there instead of going to Hutch and working the overnights with me.  They actually told him no, we have people hired, just have to get them trained in.  What?

I would really like to find something else, but I will do my best to meet their expectations, to keep the job I have, at least for the time being.  As soon as somegthing else comes along, I will be out of there.  Not even sure that I care what it is anymore.  Is that the4 wrong way to feel?  I don't know.

On to something new.  Had my yearly eye examine today.  Good news, the little spots or whatever they were are gone.  Bad news, I now have the beginning of cataracts.  Lucky me.  I am getting new glasses, hoping they look okay.  When you loook in the mirror with frames with just glass or plastic in them, how are you supposed to tell if they look decent.  Guess I'll just go with my gut feeling.

I think that I will let you off the pity party now and sign off.

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